Keynote Speaker:

“Phil did a wonderful job presenting to students in our Leadership Practices course. The content was relevant as he discussed developing future leaders. In addition, the delivery was great and well-received by the students. I could tell he had put time and effort into tailoring the message to this particular group of students.” Michael Gleason, Director of the Leadership Institute, Washburn University, Topeka, KS.

“…it was a really nice taste of what someone could get from you in a larger presentation with much more time. In that sense, I thought it was great. “ “… I thought it was a really solid 20 minute presentation that was very appropriate for the audience…. I couldn’t have asked for more.”  Kevin Doel, Owner/President,  Talon PR, INC and Talon Communications Group, Topeka KS.  

“Phil spoke to our Christian Chamber of Commerce luncheon group and did a great job challenging us with thoughts and ideas about leadership. I wish we would have had more time to hear more!”   Lee Hartman, Owner/Manager/ Contractor at Metro Voice Newspaper & Masters Business Service, Topeka, KS.  

“Phil works well as a speaker and brings ideas in that are relevant to those at the meetings. I have heard him speak both at a Rotary function and a YMCA Staff retreat. The topic that he spoke on was the same but he changed things within the subject to make it applicable to each group.” Dennis Reedy, Senior Director, YMCA of Topeka, KS.  

“Hi Phil – Thanks for coming out and opening up our day at Camp Hammond. Your humble yet effective talk was the perfect starter for our training and brainstorming session!” Charlie Lord, CEO/President, YMCA of Topeka, KS.  


Becoming a Person of Influence Workshop:

“All the points made were so right on. Also, they were very thought provoking and action intensive.”  Lynn Davis, Executive Director, Breakthrough House – Topeka, KS.

“I not only learned about things that would help my organization, but also my eyes were opened to improvements I can make in my own behavior.” Jennifer LeClair, Membership Manager, KTWU Public Television – Topeka, KS. 

“Great combination of education and reflection. Many leadership nuggets that can be injected immediately into business and personal life!” Jim Garrison, Owner, Garrison Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. – Topeka, KS. 

“I thought the training was very profound and eye-opening.  Phil broke down the characteristics of a good influencer and gave examples of what those looked like.” Lisa Simerly, Director of Doniphan County Services and Workskills – Elwood, KS. 

“The information was relevant and well organized.  The information was valuable and if each person would put at least one aspect of it into practice they would be a real asset to our organization and to the people we serve.” Jerry Boaz, Board Member, Board of Directors of DCSW and Pastor of Troy Baptist Church – Troy KS. 

“The workshop was very informative…. The group discussions were good, and there were great examples. I would recommend this workshop to everyone.”  Executive Board Member of the Kansas Land Title Association – Monthly meeting in Salina, KS.  (Name withheld by request.) 

“I would rate this workshop a 10. I felt it was worthwhile and informative. It really got the attendees involved.” Ed Carmona, Briggs Auto – Public Workshop, Topeka, KS.  

“The workshop was interesting, informative, and direct. I didn’t have to wade through a lot of technical stuff. It made me think about how to apply this information at my job. The speaker was personable and made me feel connected and comfortable.” Leigh Ann Wilbur, Area Manager of H & R Block – Public Workshop, Topeka, KS. 


“Phil’s mastermind group has been really beneficial to me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other people in the group who are seeking to take their leadership to the next level. The group discussions have helped me see some blind spots and also some strength areas to build on. I’m a better leader thanks to this group.”  –Tim Stadelmann,  Sr. Financial Analyst at Advocate Health Care- Chicago, IL. 

“I have enjoyed the Mastermind Group sessions…  I’ve read the book before but this time it was very enlightening to go through the chapters in a group setting.  Each person brought a different dynamic to the discussions. I gained so much from our sessions, especially the activities and the transparency we each had with one another.”  ”The material was well presented and the worksheets provided great highlights of each chapter.  These sessions were both challenging and rewarding.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone interested in improving themselves as an individual and a leader.”  –  Lamont Jones, Workflow Coordinator – Corporation Service Company and Pastor of Elam Tabernacle – Wilmington, DE.