Frequently asked questions.

Please contact Phil Walton for questions about the content below, to ask a question not listed below,  or to book him. You can reach him through this website, or at: pwalton@ledershipmpact.com.

Q. We have a trainer/training program. Why allow you to teach when we have our own resources?

A. We have found personal/corporate growth is not an “either-or” situation. Since people are your most precious asset, ask these two questions: “Why limit what you can bring to them?” ” Why resource your team with one thought leader?”

Q. What is a complimentary Leadership Lunch & Learn?

A. Phil is currently offering a complimentary Leadership Lunch & Learn to area businesses and organizations. Currently, there are two to choose from: 1. “A Taste of Influence” – Your employees will walk away from this L.L.&L with: a better understanding of influence, three myths of influence, and solid actionable steps. 2. “A Taste of Connecting” or “Connecting Through the Art of Simplicity.” Those who attend this L&L will walk away with: a better understanding of what connection is, and how to make connecting simple (which includes five things a person can do to achieve that).

Q. What about other topics for Leadership Lunch  & Learns?

A. If there is another topic that is preferred, Phil will work with you, write and present a specific L&L for your business. There is a fee for these Lunch & Learns.

Q. Are iMpact Groups (aka Mastermind Groups) and coaching only for those who live in your local area?

A. There are no geographical boundaries for iMpact Groups or coaching. Both of these services  can be done both locally and long distance (by way of teleconference).

Q. Do you only do conferences/workshops/seminars and keynoting locally?

A. While those have been done locally, Phil is available to provide these services in other geographical areas.