2 Important Questions


The Nobel Peace Prize is the “supreme award given to those who have made an exceptional contribution to the betterment of the world.”  But there is a story about Alfred Nobel that most people do not know.

Nobel, a Swedish chemist, made his fortune by inventing powerful explosives  and “licensing the formula to governments” to make weapons. One day, Nobel’s brother died, and a newspaper – by accident – printed an obituary notice for Alfred instead of his brother.

The obituary identified him as the inventor of dynamite who made a fortune. He had this unique opportunity to read his own obituary and to see how he would be remembered. He was shocked to think that this was what his life would add up to: to be remembered as someone who provided a form of destruction (in his mind).

Nobel took his fortune and used it to establish the awards for accomplishments contributing to life rather than death. And today, Nobel is remembered for his contribution to peace and human achievement.

All of us have the ability to leave behind a positive leadership legacy – if we choose to. Like Scrooge, Nobel got a glimpse of the future and he did not like what he saw. So, he turned his life around and gave all that he had to make the world a better place.

Two Important Questions:

  1. What are you living for?
  2. If people who know you could write your obituary, what would they say?

So, be careful how you live each day. And be sure to have a purpose in life to live for. If you are unsure in how to answer the questions; about your purpose in life, contact me. I can assist you in your journey.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Robert Byrne

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